(More than) 6ixteen Random Things about Moi

1. my vision is not 20/20

2. i like to write in a stream of consciousness

3. yet, i am constantly editing

4. i am easily embarrassed, both by myself and others around me

5. i am currently digging Yezzy’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Fantasy’

6. i rarely converse, unless it’s a one-on-one

7. i want to be blessed lots, so i work for it

8. i am rather camera unfriendly

9. my palms get sweaty, natural moisturizer i say

10. i used to be a euphemism person; now i just like to call a … dick a dick

11. i often suffer from IBS

12. i like mirrors, so long as no one else is around watching

13. i would choose a game of b-ball over class

14. i dislike being lost in translation, which happens every so often

15. i like to pretend i’m swaying with the bus when i’m actually grooving to my music player

16. i am a constant worrier

17. i love to wilf on imdb.com after i’ve watched a movie

18. i like making things with stationery

19. i try hard not to laugh at people’s accents (though i find it particularly difficult these days)

20. i don’t really like surprises unless i’m doing the surprising

21. i have little feet, real little

22. my legs so short they don’t reach the floor sometimes

23. i prefer egg white to the yellow

24. my music player lcd is oriented down-side-up, to match me ;)

25. i’m not high maintenance but i sure am OCD about what i do maintain

26. cute things tickle my teeth (eeeeee!)

27. i can cook ..  instant noodles and eggs

28. i wouldn’t fare well on ‘The Amazing Race’; i tend to make calculated moves and yet end up indecisive (paradox)

29. it took me 7 years to spell my middle name right

30. my crushes almost always get crushed or are mostly taken

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